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Two Hole Scalie Dragon Sex Toy

Two Hole Scalie Dragon Sex Toy

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Two Hole Scalie Dragon Sex Toy, highly detailed and expertly hand crafted. A bit of background on this project, I had never seen a toy that I thought did a good job of depicting labia minora, so I set out on a quest to imbue my Dragon lady with a fine set that was both organic and aesthetically pleasing. Layer by layer, the base sculpture was slowly built up and adjusted until it reached a point where I thought any more work would have spoiled the project. The same process was done to the organically inspired internals, which were the first model we designed to use our suction plugs with.

Purchase includes the following.

1. Your choice of one external coloration.
2. One set of suction plugs that fit into the back to enhance sensation when in use.

To select additional colors and add-ons, like internal color, please use the custom product option fields in this page.

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any question you may have.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Almost perfect. But still my favourite scalie toy.

Starting with the visuals, the vulva design is incredible. The scales and labia are highly detailed, and the colour/highlight options are a great addition. The material is soft, much softer than the toys sold by other, major fantasy toy companies. The little suction plugs are a neat option too.

The vaginal passage is fantastic, and I have nothing but praise for it, especially how the lips will "grip" you. However, my only real criticism of this toy, and the reason I didn't give it a 5/5, was that I found that the anal passage wasn't as tight as I would've liked it to be (even with the suction plug). And with no option to choose sizes on this toy as of writing this, you're kind of stuck with it like that.

Crispy Gripper
Not bad, Not great.

Compared to the two hole Cheval, Deer, and Canine toy, this one doesn't make it to the podium, scoring a solid 4th place. The crowd goes mild. However that doesn't make this toy "bad" as it blows anything Evil Wyverns offering has out of water, and subsequently, the atmosphere. The silicone is a lovely similar stretchy consistency to all the other toys and the suction plugs can enhance any of these toys even further. There is something special about this toy maker who fundamentally understands how much an internal structure makes a toy incredibly entertaining, and not a boring pump fest. If you put a gun to my head my current ranking of the toys i have tried goes as follows.
1. Deer (medium inserts)
2. Cheval (Large Vagina/Tight Anal inserts)
3. Canine (medium inserts)
4. Dragon

my new favorite toy

I have tried many toys but this is the best.
Material and workmanship is very good.
Choices for design is the size I saw.
Feels soft and easy to care for

Fantastic Toy

This toy is fantastic! Very great design feels amazing easy to take care of and clean. 👍🏻👍🏻

Became my #1

Firstly I’d like to start off with compared to other brands (few in-between) the price difference even with additional features and customization (didn’t realize until after I ordered you could do more) the price is lower than the rest! The weight of it is there for sure but that adds more effect of actually having her on top of you! Plus you don’t have the additional overpriced shipping costs like bad dragon! Now digging in deeper into her, I absolutely love the feel the look and that you get a whole additional hole, the design from tail to bottom looks realistic as if I’m looking at a real dragon woman in person! I love the coloring I picked out as they were super helpful in helping me and showing me the colors via email so I could get a better idea. Super helpful and 10/10 I would buy again!