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Two Hole Pony Sex Toy

Two Hole Pony Sex Toy

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Two Hole Pony Sex Toy, highly detailed and expertly hand crafted. This was the first model to have become successful by our company and holds a special place in my heart as at the time I was sleeping on couches, working at pizza places, cotton gins, and spending my extra cash on expensive art materials to make molds various sculptures in my free time. I wanted to make a product that not only had offered a great visual experience but also gave people choice in internal options. The rest unfolded spectacularly and thankfully I'm no longer sleeping on friends/family's couches anymore.

Purchase includes the following.

1. Your choice of vaginal and anal inserts.
2. Your choice of external coloration.

*Also Please note that this model is not compatible with our suction plugs and as such does not come included with them.

To select additional colors and add-ons, like anal ring or internal coloration, please use the custom product option in this page.

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any question you may have at

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Trinh
Best Thing Ever

I’ve bought around 6 pony toys now and they are all amazing. Probably the best adult toys I have purchased and used. Ben has great customer service and makes great products! The detailing on the outside is outstanding and the textures inside are intense and exquisite. I can’t recommend these toys enough.

Anonymous horsefucker
horse degen

Sillicone statue on unmarked box
Definitely more molding imperfections externally than bad dragon would allow

The Sillicone is quite sticky and will absolutely get bits of fluff and stuff stuck to it unless you found something to treat it with

Makes the p p big, definitely more visually appealing than the sugarstar
Pink on the inside is very big pp

Its less wide than a sugarstar, but about an inch taller cos of the butthole, its also a centimetre or two longer I wanna say

Everyone immediately started putting fingers in it and going WOAH ITS SUCKING ME IN
Butts S tier, its like its ribbed for my pleasure or something
Poosi is better than the sugarstar imo but not as good as butte

In conclusion
Thanks santa

Awesome first toy!

This thing is overall wonderful, and works great with a plushie! I love the puffy appearance, and it feels very high quality overall. I would rate 5/5, but I have a few minor, OCD-driven complaints.

The anus tore slightly on the right side on my first use, and upon further inspection it looks like the internal cavity runs too close towards that side, which makes it feel a little lopsided. Not sure if that's normal due to the insert, but there's definitely more give and less material there on mine. I'm hoping the tear doesn't open up more as I use it, but I've read this is somewhat normal with silicone toys so I'm not too worried.

There's also a slight amount of excess pink material from the internal coloring, peeking out from just the edge of the inside of anus. And I mean like, TINY. Just a little tag of silicone. I'm much too chicken to try and cut it, and it's already slightly torn from use, so here's to hoping it falls off on its own. It annoys me a little when taking photos/videos of the toy being used with plushies, but is overall minor and I'm sure I notice it more than other people do.

I find it likely that I'll pick up another one of these over the next year or two, assuming my budget provides the means. Having additional colors to match with my plushies would be nice!

Like most silicone, it arrives very sticky! Make sure to have some talc or baby powder on hand if you order one.

Guest Customer
Great products

I've been rocking the dragon and pony toys since 2020 and I can say hands down they are two of the best ones I've owned. After 2 years, and some very rough usage, they've torn a bit. But, as I said, they are fantastic quality and they look and feel amazing, so I will definitely be ordering from them again soon.

Dwight Jenkins

Two Hole Pony Sex Toy