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American Meat Inc

Two Hole Cheval Toy

Two Hole Cheval Toy

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Two Hole Cheval Sex Toy, highly detailed and expertly hand crafted. I really love this sculpture both for its background and its obviously highly detailed appearance. This was a lesson in humility for me and was commissioned by a customer, for whom it is named. We spent months back and forth communicating and making adjustments until it was the model they had in their mind's eye. I had initially suggested and sculpted a more curved appearance, but they requested a more straight-forward version and it was adjusted despite my preferences. And for that I'm immensely glad I went with their direction because it has gone on to become our best seller.

Purchase includes the following.

1. Your choice of vaginal and anal inserts.
2. Your choice of external coloration.
3. One set of suction plugs that fit into the back to enhance sensation when in use.

To select additional colors and add-ons, like anal ring or internal color, please select the appropriate options in the fields provided.

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any question you may have.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Equine Lover
Big Beauty

The first thing that amazed me when i finally got her, was the sheer size and weight. At first i couldn`t believe what i read on the delivery note, stating something about 1 kg ( 2,2 Lbs).
I choosed a rather plain but more realistic Colouring (white Body with pink private parts) but i think it turned out beautiful.
The material is very soft and squishy and the inner texture feels amazing.
I choosed a medium sized vagina and large anus and i`m very happy with it.
The vaginal part is pretty tight for me and the other feels very comfortable and the weight really adds something to the sensation.
A few years back i ordered a similiar Toy , a werewolf vulva, from Bad Dragon and i hardly use it anymore because the silicone is way tougher and the toy itself is basically too tight for me ( my member is about 4,5 cm or 1,77 inches in diameter)
I`m very happy with my new toy and I hope that you guys will also make a Stallion Toy with appropriately sized Balls in the near future.

P.S. I ordered my toy from Germany. If some of you order from europe and get to choose between DHL or UPS , go for DHL.
UPS here is a nightmare. You will be happy if you can even manage to pick up your Package in some Access Point.

The Best Out There

I haven’t seen or had any toys that come close to these ones. It was well worth the purchase. Plus, it’s supporting a small American business which I can also get behind. Packaging was also very discrete so I didn’t take much of a cover story to get it past roommates. Definitely considering trying out their other products in the future.

Verified Furry
Loads of fun

The sculpt looks great in person and the suction plugs work a lot better than I expected! Thankfully this toy doesn’t scrape the lube off you when using it, unlike other horse themed penetrative toys I have tried.

Smash for the Quality!

Mine came out so nice. Quality and everything just perfect. Almost the real thing but fake. Did not expect it to turn out this great. The one I created is actually on their Instagram page.

Looks a lot bigger in person than on picture but still very nice. I got tight for anal insert and medium for vaginal insert. Smash all the way! Will probably buy more in the future.

Nice packing quality. Packages looks like you're ordering meat as it's delicately wrap in brown packing paper with a sticker label seal. Very meaty. Thank you for coming up with this type of masturbator.

Amazing custom Cheval

This is the best toy I've ever had and a true peice of art!