Two Hole Canine Sex Toy
Two Hole Canine Sex Toy
Two Hole Canine Sex Toy
Two Hole Canine Sex Toy
Two Hole Canine Sex Toy
Two Hole Canine Sex Toy
Two Hole Canine Sex Toy

Two Hole Canine Sex Toy

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Two Hole Canine Sex Toy, highly detailed and expertly hand crafted. Inspired by canine anatomy both internally and externally, this was one our more interesting projects and taught us a great deal about mold making techniques, gasket design, materials, and incorporating 3D printing to select components of the workflow. This toy DEFINITELY stretched our technical and creative capabilities.

Purchase includes the following.

1. Your choice of vaginal and anal inserts.
2. Your choice of external coloration.
3. One set of suction plugs that fit into the back to enhance sensation when in use.

To select additional colors and add-ons, like vulva or teat coloration, please use the options on this page.

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any question you may have at


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniel C.
No longer sceptical.

I got the best orgasm I've ever had from a toy, and unlike almost every other toy I've used(Dozens, major and minor brands), this one didn't tear after a couple of uses, and rough uses at that. Definitely the best, and now my favorite toy I've ever owned. Even if I somehow destroy it, I'll absolutely order another one. I now want to try the rest of the toys this company has to offer, and I hope they flourish as the best toy company I have encountered.
Love you guys.
Also, I am very interested in becoming a tester if you need any.

Excellent detail, experience.

Opted for the smaller inserts, and they didnt disappoint. Finish on both ends was satifactory.

Only real point of contention is the awkwardness of the anal passage; it has an awkward bend inherent to the design of being a dual hole toy.

Would probably be good as a single hole model, and not much of the experience is lost.

Joseph Watkins
Great product 3rd one now

Thanks for making a great product available on the market

Lovely toy

this is the first toy I bought from this site and the only one that doesn’t have aome kind of wonky color job making it unattractive. The sculpt it lovely and the textures are great 👍

Fragile, but nice.

Overall pretty good, but I ran into a few issues, probably because I messed up and got the wrong size (medium). The toy is nice and soft, and feels pretty good, but the vice grip felt like it was bending something on the vaginal insert, especially since the width of the toy prevented me from angling it up very much, and the anal insert tore on day one, just a small one at the rim, but still mildly concerning. As for the fragility, I think it would do wonders if they smoothed out the molds a little bit to get rid of the 3d print lines, as those would create shear points on the product.