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Two Hole Canine Sex Toy

Two Hole Canine Sex Toy

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Two Hole Canine Sex Toy, highly detailed and expertly hand crafted. This was one our more interesting projects and taught us a great deal about mold making techniques, gasket design, materials, and incorporating 3D printing to select components of the workflow. This toy DEFINITELY stretched our technical and creative capabilities.

Purchase includes the following.

1. Your choice of vaginal and anal inserts.
2. Your choice of external coloration.
3. One set of suction plugs that fit into the back to enhance sensation when in use.

To select additional colors and add-ons, like vulva and teat coloration, please use the options on this page.

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any question you may have.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Benjamin Jardis

Two Hole Canine Sex Toy

You guys make the best toys

It was and is amazing, the fur highlights could have been a little more prominent but im not complaining. Amazing work you guys make excellent products.

I do have a few recommendations though that may bring you to the forefront of the industry that you are in because no one else does it, and i know people want it.
Please consider making whole "rear ends" , possibly some thing you could insert your toys into for a full experience if not an entire butt. To decrease cost you could use some kind of filler like foam or something in the "non important parts" and cover it in your silacone.

Also if you guys could some how make entire sex dolls, such as dragons, k9s, horses, ect. And ruduce weight and cost with some kind of filler over the skeleton then cover it with your silacone, i know for a fact people would buy it. I would be first in line for a dragon sex doll if i heard you developed one and im sure alot of others would follow suit.

There are no full butts or furry/feral/whatever sex dolls that i can find on the market and the few plush ones look bad and far too expensive for basically a stuffed animal with a hole for a flesh light.
I feel you could dominate the market with your artistic skills and would be a staple of the "community" like bad dragon is.
I tell everyone about you guys and i believe you could be a much larger company with the right products and advertising. Your much better than bad dragon or weredog.
I believe in you guys, if that is even what you want to pursue. But i hope you consider my recommendations. Let me know if you develop anything and I'll be first in line.

Johnny Johnson John
Exciting & New

Breath of fresh air compared other products. Worth every penny.

Bob Smith
It feels amazing if your larger go with the larger

I like to use the device, but I have to use the device standing up or lying down by placing the device between two pillows because it’s too awkward to hold. You all should make a stand for the device, but it's cool though I’ll be getting other one soon

two hole dog toy

Great craftsmanship and feel! Good job!!!! 👍