Etsy Store

Dear customers,


As some of you have noticed, Etsy has requested that we remove the majority of items from their market place including deactivating two of our more popular items. This is unfortunate as we have been on Etsy for some time now and would have preferred to continue selling at a greater capacity on this platform. We respect their decision and invite you to follow us over to our main site of if you wish to make purchases on items that have been disallowed from the Etsy marketplace. We understand this may come as an inconvenience, but we will still be here to answer any messages and questions you may have.


In good news, we have been extremely productive as of late and are very excited to launch our new Deer model within the next few weeks. The sculpting and mold work has been completed, all we need to do now is create the first set of inserts and she will be ready. Apart from that, we have made a number of productivity upgrades that enable much quicker development, so we are very excited as well to put them to use in creating new products.


Thank you and have a most excellent day.


Ben Campbell